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Checking out AMD Ryzen – ExtraVM Dallas

I had been eyeing the AMD based VPS’es by ExtraVM for some time. I had also exchanged some messages with Mike from ExtaVm on Low End Talk about a VPS plan in Singapore….

Review of VPS’es from Nexusbytes- Part I

Posting results from two test setups that userĀ @seriesnĀ from Nexusbytes kindly provided. They are a provider out of Middlebury, Connecticut and they contacted me through LowEnd Talk requesting for my review. While I am…

Yet Another Benchmarking Script (YABS)

In this post, Amar Vyas has published the results from running the YABS (Yet Another Benchmarking Script) on four Virtual Private Servers. This script was developed by user MasonR and is available on Github.

Benchmark Tests on VPS – Part II

In this post are the results of running a few more benchmarking tests on the KVM VPS’es machines. In particular, running the dd test and also a failed attempt at running bench.sh.