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Review of VPS from Nexusbytes – Part II

This is Part II Of a III part review reris for VPS from NexusBytes. In this post, Amar Vyas has published results from YABS, dd, and bench.sh tests.

Review of VPS’es from Nexusbytes- Part I

Posting results from two test setups that user @seriesn from Nexusbytes kindly provided. They are a provider out of Middlebury, Connecticut and they contacted me through LowEnd Talk requesting for my review. While I am…

Yet Another Benchmarking Script (YABS)

In this post, Amar Vyas has published the results from running the YABS (Yet Another Benchmarking Script) on four Virtual Private Servers. This script was developed by user MasonR and is available on Github.

Testing CloudFlare’s WARP Plus on Jio LTE

Last week, Cloudflare released its WARP plus for android and iOS devices. I signed up for WARP Plus, the paid version of WARP, for my iPhone (INR 69 per month for unlimited bandwidth)….

Benchmark Tests on VPS- Part III

This is the final set of benchmark tests on VPS’es. Starting next week, I will put them to the intended use. One quarter of idling nearly eight VPS’es is enough 🙂 A discussion on Lowendtalk forums introduced me to a new script on running benchmarks. I promptly tried it this morning and got some interesting results: 

Screenshot Gallery – VPS

gallery showing installation of VPS

Benchmark Tests on VPS – Part II

In this post are the results of running a few more benchmarking tests on the KVM VPS’es machines. In particular, running the dd test and also a failed attempt at running bench.sh.

Running nench.sh on 10 VPS’es – KVM, OVZ, NAT

I am writing a post comparing the performances of 10 different VPS’es, some of which are  KVM, others OVZ and the rest are NAT devices.

How to use speedtest-cli for testing VPS speed

Update Sept 22, 2019: I added some more VPS’es and re-ran the tests over the past week, you can see the results here.  I learnt about using speed test-cli through discussions on LowEndTalk….

Mini-review: IntoVPS, Cluj Part I

This is Part I of a II part mini review of VPS plans by IntoVPs, a web host/ service provider from Romania.