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Nexusbytes gave my VPS Ryzen+NVMe Upgrade

Nice way to beging the new year- as an existing user Nexusbytes , I got an upgrade for my 4 vCPU/4 GB RAM plan Update 1: Initially I was getting lower disk speeds…

FLOWVPS Black Friday 2019 Offer

I will updat this post with my notes later, for now- below are the results. You my also find more tests and discussion in this thread on Low End Talk. Specifications 4 vCPU…

NexusBytes- VPS-2 Plan, New York

Nexus Bytes announced their Ryzen + NVMe offers recently on Low End Spirit among other places. I was thinking of consolidating the VPS’es in this quarter – somehow ended up building a collection…

Checking out AMD Ryzen – ExtraVM Dallas

I had been eyeing the AMD based VPS’es by ExtraVM for some time. I had also exchanged some messages with Mike from ExtaVm on Low End Talk about a VPS plan in Singapore….