What is Underworld Startup All About?

I started out writing a fiction novel. I ended up creating this website instead.

-Amar Vyas

Thanks for being curious about this site. My name is Amar Vyas, and I am a tinkerer, learner and an adventure of sorts. I also happen to be an author. Originally,Underworld startup was supposed to be the title of my satire novel on the startup world, set in Bengaluru.

But then life, two startups and everything else I can think of, came in between. In the meantime,I learnt the ropes of entrepreneurship more often than not, the hard way. Having spent over a decade anda half in construction, the transition to digital media, and podcasting in particular, was not easy. Well, some things came naturally to me – budgeting, creating content, setting up systems, and so on. Others, like website design and management, digital marketing, and most importantly, selling the idea to customers and investors alike were not so easy.

In early July 2019,I decided to revive this domain and start cataloging my own journey as an entrepreneur and experiences I encountered along the way. That is how this site was born.

On this site, I will write my learnings, experiences, views and reviews based on my startup journey in the podcasting world. Some of the topics include web hosting, including content management systems, social media, digital marketing, fundraising, networking, and of course podcsating. My reviews are my reflections from some of my learnings.

After experimenting and struggling with many sub-par service providers in several areas such as web hosting and social media marketing, I finally found some great resources. In the coming days, I will create a resources page that should help you save time (and hopefully money, efforts and frustration).

If you have any questions, comments or feedback about this site or me, you can connect with me via email  or on twitter @meamarvyas