Option of selecting CDN "Push" or storage and CDN- Pushr CDN. Screenshot by Amar Vyas

Using PUSHRCDN Content Delivery Network

During a recent discussion on LET, Viktor from PUSHRCDN offered a free 1 month trial of their CDN (Content Delivery Network) service. I decided to sign up and give it a try for Underworld Startup. In this post I will talk about the process of creating an account, setting up the CDN for “Push” plan. […]

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Screenshot of Dade2Cloud-login -Screen. Image by Amar Vyas

Spinning up Dade2 Cloud

Intro: Saw the post for Dade2 cloud– $ 100 credit, on Webhostingtalk (link to offer page). I had been thiking of giving a (non-AWS/non-Google/non-DO) cloud server a try. The offer was tempting, and decided to give it a try. Benchmarks: Running BM Tests : YABS, bench.sh, nench.sh… curl -LsO bench.monster/speedtest.sh; sudo bash speedtest.sh -Asia ————————————————————————— […]

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FLOWVPS Black Friday 2019 Offer

I will updat this post with my notes later, for now- below are the results. You my also find more tests and discussion in this thread on Low End Talk. Specifications 4 vCPU 4GB RAM 15GB NVMe – Primary 100GB SSD – Secondary (Not bootable) 1.5TB Data 1 IPv4 At 15 Australian Dollars/Quarter (about $ […]

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NexusBytes- VPS-2 Plan, New York

Nexus Bytes announced their Ryzen + NVMe offers recently on Low End Spirit among other places. I was thinking of consolidating the VPS’es in this quarter – somehow ended up building a collection of VPS’es in the second half of 2019. Jay (Seriesn) and I and separately, another user poisson had been exchanging messages about […]

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Checking out AMD Ryzen – ExtraVM Dallas

I had been eyeing the AMD based VPS’es by ExtraVM for some time. I had also exchanged some messages with Mike from ExtaVm on Low End Talk about a VPS plan in Singapore. That somehow did not materialize. On January 1st 2020, New Year’s Day, Mike Posted his offer for VPS on Low End Spirit¬†for […]

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Note on How to Secure a WordPress Site

Securing a WordPress site: a Continuous Journey Recently (this mornign in fact, November 15th 2019) there was a discussion on LowEndTalk on How to Secure a WordPress Site. I had been thinking about writing down what I have learnt to far about managing a wordpress site. This question was just the trigger to put my […]

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